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            SAIC MOTOR

            SAIC Motor revealed latest Z-One Galaxy Full-stack Solution

            China's largest automaker SAIC Motor revealed its latest solution to smart vehicles, the SAIC Z-One Galaxy Full-stack Solution, at the SAIC Developer Conference held in Shanghai on April 9.

            SAIC Motor revealed latest Z-One Galaxy Full-stack Solution

            The SAIC Z -One Galaxy Full-stack Solution is the industry’s first smart car solution that breaks through the "barriers" of automotive hardware, software, and big data, which opens up new possibilities to realize smarter, more convenient, and more interesting, multi-faceted and efficient mobility solutions for all users. The solution reflects a new era of data-driven experiences and software dominated vehicles is just around a corner.

            The solution includes four fundamental technical pillars, namely a centralized electronic architecture, a service-oriented architecture (SOA), intelligent vehicle data plant, a full-stack OTA and cyber security solution. It also includes an intelligent scene service platform, which is expected to provide end-to-end ultimate experience.

            SAIC Motor revealed latest Z-One Galaxy Full-stack Solution

            At present, SAIC Z-ONE has opened 680 car-end services, 980 cloud services, and 260 data services for developers, covering more than 20 areas such as vehicle control, intelligent driving, infotainment, intelligent networking, and data training. On this basis, SAIC Z-ONE and the first batch of 10,000 developers have worked together to create dozens of exclusive application scenarios for smart cars, hundreds of customized "thousand-face" mode, as well as some typical automotive intelligent applications.

            SAIC Motor revealed latest Z-One Galaxy Full-stack Solution

            The latest solution will be first applied to IM and R brand high-end smart EV products in the next two years.

            SAIC Motor also announced a 300 billion RMB ($45.78 billion) investment in a variety of innovation fields, including smart electric vehicles, in the next five years in an effort to develop as a high-technology company.