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            SAIC MOTOR

            SAIC Motor supports Shanghai’s bid for 46th WorldSkills Competition

            SAIC Motor supports Shanghai’s bid for 46th WorldSkills Competition

            SAIC Motor, China's largest automaker, pledged its full support for Shanghai’s bid for the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2021 during a meeting with the competition assessment team in Shanghai on April 4.

            WorldSkills Competition is an annual competition honored as the "Skills Olympics" among the world's top-level skilled vocational workers. The event plays a significant role in promoting global occupational skills training and helping companies boost international communication.

            Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC Motor, noted that the company upholds the "craftsman spirit" and strives to cultivate a group of high-quality technicians, who will bring new momentum to the company’s sustainable development. “SAIC Motor will render full support to the competition if it will take place in Shanghai,” said Chen.

            Also as a representative of over 50 supporting companies, Chen briefed their supporting methods, including money, material objects and staff. The sponsorship is estimated to total 30 million euros, accounting for 40 percent of the event budget’s total.