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          1. SAIC MOTOR

            Development strategy of SAIC Motor technological foresight

            • I. To provide sustainable technological competitiveness for the realization of SAIC Motor's vision;
            • II. To cultivate and develop foresight and insight to aid SAIC Motor's innovation and transformation;
            • III. To provide SAIC branded products in market competition with adaptive technology and research.

            Research and development (R&D) layout of SAIC Motor foresight technology

            In accordance with SAIC Motor's strategic development goals in the fields of electrification, intelligentization, networking and sharing, the group has established a far-reaching agenda to promote technological innovation and industrial chain layout for new-energy power systems. Through intelligent drive, software engineering, connected intelligence, human-machine interaction, cloud and big data, by combining the R&D resources of the group's various sectors and orienting by market demand, SAIC aims to achieve continual industrialization of differentiated foresight technology for its own brands.

            Progress in R&D of SAIC Motor foresight technology

            Fitting the group's general innovation and transformation strategy, SAIC Motor has formed its "13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20)", a management program for technological innovation and R&D, and the promotion of technological innovation and industrial application in various fields.