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        Display form and parameters

        01.The banner on the top of the phone
        Size: 600×150
        Clickthrough rate: 1%~3%

        02.Full screen
        Size: 640×960
        Clickthrough rate:2.5~3%

        Concise AD Hub

        AD Hub automatically pops up when mobile users are surfing the internet, going through webpages and APPs. Ads will appear clearly on the top of the phone, allowing users to easily watch.

        When users click on AD Hub, it will quickly jump to the specified landing page, with a response time less than 0.5 seconds and high successful jump rate.

        The landing page can be a WeChat, H5, URL, APP and other links.

        Flexible AD Hub

        City and time are optional. It is allowed to make settlement in the CPA way, target user groups according to their online behavior and choose either Apple or Android system for special advertising products after assessment.

        Real AD Hub

        01.The effects of advertisements placed – exposure and click rate, can be counted by cnzz, a third-party organization.

        02.If settle in the CPA way, partners need to open the backend.